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Apple MacBook with a Borderless Concept Design: Use a Touchable Display Screen

Can you imagine MacBook is a full-screen display without borders concept? This page will show you.


To the surprise of many Apple fans, except the iPhone X, the giant’s technology company has no other products have not been designed with virtually no borders. Maybe in the future, people will see Apple use a borderless design on laptops, Tablets and even iMacs.


Before that, let’s start with an unordered MacBook conception. The laptop was created by designer Aurelien Salomon, which combines two Apple products and experiences of iPhone and the MacBook.


In this MacBook conception, the lines in the desktop and the mobile are blurred, as the result, this MacBook is a very thin and frivolous with a very narrow screen.

The display in this MacBook concept just looks like a rectangle with rounded corners, which remind us of Apple’s just-released iPhone X.


It’s worth mentioning that this MacBook doesn’t have the Touch Bar in iPhone X, because the entire display screen of this product supports touch manipulation.


more than that, the macOS running in this MacBook concept has a little bit change, It uses a number of designs and methods which similar to iOS 11, while keeping the interface clean and simple.


In the device, the swipe gesture will be key, because the MacBook concept has a touch screen. But this form of user interaction is not yet appeared in Apple’s actual MacBook line.


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