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Apple Music will Get Update Soon with ‘Coming Soon’ Section

  • Jun 11,2018 | Apple
  • By Admin

Apple is rolling out a series of updates for Apple Music today, including a small but useful new section called “Coming Soon,” which allows subscribers listen to the upcoming album in advance, and it said about to be released over the next few weeks.

Apple Music will Get Update Soon with 'Coming Soon' Section

Here you can find ‘Coming Soon’ feature in Apple Music to use it:

On iOS and macOS, the hub is located in the Browse tab > New Music > scroll down to find Coming Soon > tap “See All.” Music Videos were previously the last thing to see here, but now Apple has introduced Coming Soon as well.


In “Coming Soon” section, uses can check out the future coming albums in couple of weeks, which covers artists from different genres, including Euramerican Pop band The Vamps, or Japanese WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA. Subscribers are allow see the launch date by clicking on the album details page, but you can try some music on these upcoming albums but not all of them

In ‘Coming Soon’ section for macOS, there is more an additional Salability option, which is not exist in iOS, similarly, can listen to the upcoming music in heat order.


Apple Music is gaining ground on Spotify, what with the music service’s recent announcement that it had reached 50 million paid subscribers, and its user base continues to grow at a rate of 2 million a month, and it may even surpass Spotify’s global dominance of paying subscribers this summer.

The Coming Soon tab and release dates have appeared for multiple users on iOS 11.4, as well as on macOS 10.13.4. Apple didn’t mention Apple Music during its WWDC keynote and at this time doesn’t appear to be planning a major update to the app this fall. Besides the updated artist profiles, iOS 12 beta testers have discovered that subscribers will be able to perform searches for music via lyric snippets.



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