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Foxconn Leaks iPhone 8 First Delivery from Factory: Only 5 Million

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Apple will officially unveil new generation iPhones include iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S plus and most expecting iPhone 8 next week according it said in invitation to medias. Just in this week, there are pictures of iPhone delivery by employees inside Foxconn in Zhengzhou, which is largest factories of Foxconn in the mainland, has already been responsible for most of the iPhone’s mass production, so as iPhone 8.

iPhone 8  Deliver to US

In the leaked pics, it can see clearly that Zhengzhou Foxconn S&T park began organizing, deploying and arranging to ship iPhone 8 to the United States. The package is very tight and heavy of course, just to ensure of secret and security of iPhone, after all, iPhone 8 is not like other goods. Moreover, it has only 5 million quantities in the first round of selling according to the leak.


It is known that Foxconn has taken on most of the orders for the iPhone 7s, 7S Plus, and iPhone 8, and it is also the exclusive contract for iPhone 8, so the leaks look like very closely to the truth, which means 5 million is far away from market demand from all over the world. As capacity rises, fourth quarter shipments are expected to rise to 30 million to 35 million units this year, up from 40 million in the first quarter of next year.

Foxconn Leaks iPhone 8 First Delivery from Factory

New iPhone 8 Coming Date, Price, Design, Name

Apple has officially sent an invitation to the media to announce that it will launch its new products on September 12 just like any of others they had over the years. The most spectacular product in this conference that everyone have been expecting for a long time is certainly the souvenir of its 10th anniversary of iPhone—iPhone 8.

According our previous stories, iPhone 8 comes with an OLED screen, a full-screen design (edge-to-edge display) that supports wireless charging, and vertical dual-camera cutout. And it has more interesting design and new features in addition, it might remove the Touch ID Home button, too, according to relevant report. More information about coming iPhone, please hit the last story.

About the price of iPhone 8, the analyst Benjamim Wilson mentioned in the report that the average price of iPhone 8 is about on the level of $900 dollars. This price is truly less than former survey of advertising agency Fluent with the price more $1,000 dollars earlier.

It is worth to noting that many information have pointed that the original iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are going to be named iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, while iPhone 8 will be named iPhone Edition. If it is true, then most consumers would like to pay their wallet without hesitation in nest week, I wish you a good luck to have one from only 5 million iPhone 8.


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