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Global Mobile App Downloads in Q2 2018: Android is Far Ahead of iOS

Reports published by research institutes show that global mobile app downloads hit new highs in the second quarter of this year, which reaches 28.4 billion times, and users are spending $18.5 billion on mobile apps.


AppAnnie, a market research institute, released the global mobile App download and user consumption report for the second quarter, in the latest report, global users has downloaded 28.4 billion apps in the second quarter, up 15 percent from a year earlier through Apple iOS and Google Paly. This is what AppAnnie says:

“Topping the record-setting Q1 2018 levels, there were over 28.4 billion app downloads globally across iOS and Google Play in the quarter, up 15% year over year.”

It’s worth noting that this number is particularly staggering because these are completely new downloads and do not include reinstalls or app updates, if count on these two options, it will get a lot more downloads in thee result.

From the download platform, Google Play is far more than Apple iOS, which global downloads exceeded 20 billion in Q2 2018, up 20% year over year and widened the gap between itself and iOS by 25 percentage points to 160%. While app downloads on the iOS also rose 25% in the two quarter, but downloaded much less than Google Play.

From the download country, no matter of the download time and growth, India is absolutely the main market driving the growth of mobile App downloads on Google Play, while United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia are the biggest year-on-year growth in mobile App downloads in iOS.

“India was the largest driver of download growth year over year by both absolute values and growth in market share. Indonesia was another dominant country in the growth of Google Play downloads. On iOS, the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia saw the largest growth in downloads year over year.”

Global Mobile App Downloads in Q2 2018: Android is Far Ahead of iOS

On a category level, Games, Video Players & Editors and Sports apps drove growth in Google Play downloads quarter over quarter in Q2 2018. The impact of Sports downloads was even more pronounced on iOS where Sports apps were the largest driver of growth in global iOS downloads, followed by Finance and Travel apps.

At the same time as record downloads has reached the high hit, users are spending more and more on apps. The report of AppAnnie shows, users spent $18.5 billion on apps in the second quarter, up 20 per cent from a year earlier and up slightly from $18.4bn in the first quarter.

Global Mobile App Downloads in Q2 2018: Android is Far Ahead of iOStop-consumer-spend-ww-q2-2018


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