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iMac Pro Appears to Feature Include A10 Fusion Chip for Always-On ‘Hey Siri’

News about Apple’s latest iMac Pro is always few, and we saw it at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit. Recently, sources from the supply chain say Apple has been starting to demand high-end graphics for the new iMac Pro since September, and Apple have made more orders to AMD. So far, OSAT Company has also improved packaging technology for the iMac Pro.


From, according to some digging into Apple’s “BridgeOS 2.0” code and macOS this weekend by Jonathan Levin, Steven Troughton-Smith, and Guilherme Rambo, the upcoming iMac Pro appears to feature an A10 Fusion chip with 512 MB of RAM. While the full functionality of the A10 chip isn’t yet known, it appears the chip will enable support for “Hey Siri” functionality, potentially even when the iMac Pro is turned off.

The A10 Fusion chip on iMac Pro, which also used for supporting the always-standby “‘Hey Siri’”, but the Siri in macOS is not supporting for this feature at all. In fact, Troughton-Smith says appears that the chip even runs when the iMac Pro is completely shut off.

hey siri

A report over the summer explained that the iMac Pro would feature an ARM coprocessor, and today’s information seems to further confirm that with a bit more information.

Of course, this new iMac Pro can go with the 18-core Xeon to the powerful processor, which can easily meet all your professional needs. The new iMac Pro will also adopt the new AMD Radeon Pro Vega series GPU, with 128G DDR4 maximum memory, up to 4T solid state hard drive and 5K level of display resolution. However, with Bloomberg reporting in February that a custom “T310” ARM-based Mac chip similar to the T1 could be included in future Macs and take on some additional functionality such as handling “Power Nap” low-power mode functionality.

 iMac Pro Appears to Feature Include A10 Fusion Chip for Always-On 'Hey Siri'

Unveiled at WWDC in June, the iMac Pro is scheduled to launch next month, but Apple has yet to give a specific launch date for the high-end desktop that will start at $4999.

Of course, whether the final iMac Pro will actually configure the A10 Fusion chip may not be known until it is truly launched to the public.


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