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iPhone 8 Rumors: Design, Features and Price

  • Apr 18,2017 | News
  • By Admin

There are much rumors about the new product of Apple iPhone 8 every years before the launch, people get excited about talking iPhone for every year and their pocket.

If the countless rumors are to be believed, Apple will be launching three smartphones — iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 — this year. According to reliable sources, the iPhone 8 is likely to come with a radically different design (and quite possibly, features). In addition to the rumors, several reports citing analysts and patent details have surfaced about the iPhone 8 (or ‘iPhone Edition’) as well. We’ve rounded up all the buzz surrounding the launch of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 with new features

Almost every year with every phone from iPhone has new appearance and features, such as the smartphone like former products, and it always sanctified consumers a lot, no matter the more and more colors of the product, more and more verity kinds of products, or better and better advanced hi-tech features. People seems can’t live with the product of iPhone.

Look at how the rumors fly:

3D Sensing Technology Maybe the Highlight

One of the highlights of the rumored iPhone 8 is expected to be the inclusion of 3D sensing technology. Back in February 2017, BGR website reported that Apple is working closely with a company called Lumentum, which develops 3D sensing technology. How exactly the company plans to implement the technology in its upcoming smartphone is still unknown. Earlier this month, an analyst said that the iPhone 8 could be delayed because of this feature.

A pinch of Augmented Reality (AR)

The iPhone ‘Edition’ smartphone could also feature augmented reality (AR) features. Supporting the rumors, a Bloomberg report recently mentioned that Apple has assembled a team including experienced hardware and software developers to push its AR efforts. The team is led by a former Dolby Laboratories executive and includes former members from Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s HoloLens divisions. It’s also been mentioned is that the Cupertino-based tech company is simultaneously working on several AR devices. We might see a first glimpse of Apple’s AR efforts in the upcoming iPhone 8.

Naming Scheme of the Upcoming iPhone

There is no confirmation as to what Apple’s new iPhone will be called, when it launches later this year. While some reports have said that the device will be called iPhone 8, others suggest that it’ll bear the monikers ‘iPhone Edition’ or iPhone X (to mark the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone’s launch). Last month, a Japanese website Mac Otara claimed that the iPhone Edition could be made of ceramic. With iPhone Edition, the company could be planning to bring its smartphone line-up in sync with the smartwatch range, which also has ‘Edition’ models. It’s worth noting that the ‘Edition’ variant of Apple Watch Series 2 also has a ceramic construction.

Apple iPhone 8 Could Have a Drastically-Different Display and Overall Design

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8’s design is being claimed to be completely different from that of the existing iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus. Numerous reports have pointed out that the smartphone will have a 5-inch flexible OLED display, supplied by Samsung. An interesting change which we may see is the removal of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor from the smartphone’s front panel. The Touch ID-embedded Home button could be replaced by a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display itself. As for the rest of the design, reports have claimed that the iPhone 8 could use an all-glass or an all-metal body. Wireless charging technology may be included as well, although nothing is known about the smartphone’s specifications yet.


Apple iPhone 8 Price

iPhone 7 is expected in the price range of around 1099 $ to 1499 $. So the Price of iPhone 8 would be little higher and the price of the device. Apple iphone 8 price would be around 1199 $ to 1599$. The price is pretty high and hard to afford. So we can’t say something officially about the price now. We will have to wait for the company to say!


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