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New Samsung Galaxy Ad Makes Fun of iPhone X’s Notch, Headphone Dongles, and More


Following the official release of the iPhone X on last Friday, Samsung today posted a new video ad to promote its Galaxy Note 8 flagship smart phone. The funny thing is, Samsung has made fun of the brand new iPhone X’s notch design, the lack of a headphone jack, and much more…

The new ad called ” Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy“, which Samsung puts on its YouTube channel, telling a story of about a young man as he purchases Apple devices over the course of ten years, and then decides to turn to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the eve of the iPhone X launch. The 1-minute commercial features the song “I’m Moving On” by Chyvonne Scott.

New Samsung Galaxy Ad Makes Fun of iPhone X's Notch, Headphone Dongles

Several Launched iPhones Showing in the Ad

The video begins at the iPhone launch in 2007, and subsequent years show the main character facing storage issues when taking a photo and waiting in long lines under poor weather conditions for the latest iPhone. At one point, he drops his iPhone in water and has to place it in a bowl of rice, while his girlfriend’s Samsung device continues to function.

In the ad, Samsung criticized several old iPhone that had been released for yesrs, ridiculing the phone’s shortcomings and history.

For example, the iPhone 3GS is mocked for its lack of storage space, while the iPhone 5s is mocked for not supporting a stylus. In 2015, only a few people stand in line in the rain, and they may be waiting to buy the iPhone 6s.

As to the year 2016, Samsung has criticized the iPhone for not being waterproof, which is just funny and interesting because Apple has said the iPhone 7 was waterproof, and it actually had shown that the iPhone 7 can stay underwater for a long time after testing.

And then, Samsung mocks the iPhone 7, saying it doesn’t have a headphone dongle and doesn’t support Qi wireless charging. Apple finally introduced Qi wireless charging technology on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

At the end of video, iPhone users were relying on Samsung to switch to the Galaxy Note 8. In the final act, some users were queuing to buy an iPhone X, a Galaxy Note 8 user walked by, and a man in them who shaved his strange hair at the forehead just looked like the iPhone X’s “notch”!

Ahead of the release of the iPhone 6, Samsung made sure to point out that Apple wasn’t the first smartphone company to make a large-screened device. The company also mocked the iPhone 5 for its battery life.

Obviously, Samsung released the ad in just two days after the iPhone X was officially launched, and it was visible and purposeful.


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