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iMac Pro Will Be Available at Apple Stores by Mid Next Week

iMac Pro Will Be Available at Apple Stores by Mid Next Week

The high-profile Apple iMac Pro is coming to Apple Stores at the middle of next week, the expensive device from Apple however will begin from $4,999 to $13,199, will you buy one? As the matter of [...]

Dec 18,2017 | Admin

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook with a Borderless Concept Design: Use a Touchable Display Screen

Can you imagine MacBook is a full-screen display without borders concept? This page will show you. To the surprise of many Apple fans, except the iPhone X, the giant’s technology company [...]

Dec 11,2017 | Admin


Craig Federighi says Face ID doesn’t Support Multiple Users on Apple’s Roadmap

A month ago when iPhone X released, many users include us have the question about weather the fact that Face ID will support multi-user. Now, seems the answer has come clearly, arroding to the [...]

Dec 04,2017 | Admin


Motorola Mocks Samsung and Apple in new ad of Moto Z2 Play

Not long ago, about a month earlier, Samsung had made fun of iPhone X’s notch, headphone dongles, and more in its Galaxy Note 8 flagship smart phone ad, and the name of this ad is “Grow up with [...]

Nov 28,2017 | Admin


iMac Pro Appears to Feature Include A10 Fusion Chip for Always-On ‘Hey Siri’

News about Apple’s latest iMac Pro is always few, and we saw it at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit. Recently, sources from the supply chain say Apple has been starting to demand high-end [...]

Nov 20,2017 | Admin

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Makes fun of Apple iPad

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Makes fun of Apple iPad

As the matter of fact, Apple’s products have been always “poked fun” by competitors, such as Apple’s old rival, Samsung, who recently broadcast an ad to make fun at the [...]

Nov 14,2017 | Admin


New Samsung Galaxy Ad Makes Fun of iPhone X’s Notch, Headphone Dongles, and More

Following the official release of the iPhone X on last Friday, Samsung today posted a new video ad to promote its Galaxy Note 8 flagship smart phone. The funny thing is, Samsung has made fun of [...]

Nov 06,2017 | Admin


Unreal Engine 4.18 Gets Early Access for VR in macOS

Now Mac can also has the full VR experience, Unreal Engine 4.18 has just released on  macOS, now all of Mac users can downloaded Unreal Engine. During the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference [...]

Oct 30,2017 | Admin


KGI: iPhone Stock up Nearly 3 Million Available for Launch

The production bottleneck for Apple’s iPhone X has been gradually eased, and shortages of key components such as mobile circuit boards should end in November, and Foxconn has already [...]

Oct 23,2017 | Admin


Microsoft Says Office for Mac is Coming Soon with Big Updates

Microsoft has released an Insider Fast version of its Office 2016 for Mac to Insider beta testers, and has announced big updates in Office 2016 for Mac with a slew of new features will be [...]

Oct 17,2017 | Admin