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Download Apps via Using Siri

How to Download Apps via Using Siri

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator on Apple’s devices like OS X, macOS, and watchOS, through which people can easily access to a specific application and [...]

Nov 30,2016 | Admin


Apple Removed Nearly 50K iOS Apps in October

“Apple Removed Nearly 50K iOS Apps in October” In September Apple informed the developer community that a cleanup is conducted to evaluate the existing apps on iOS App Store and [...]

Nov 16,2016 | Simon


Apple’s New Granted Patent: Augmented Reality Maps

“Apple’s New Granted Patent: Augmented Reality Maps” The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published on Tuesday a series of 63 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. Among [...]

Nov 10,2016 | Simon

Add Customized Options to Right-Click Menu

How to Add Customized Options to Right-Click Menu on Your Mac

Every user may have some tasks needed to be done regularly. How to make a repetitive task handy to complete? Have you ever thought of executing the task within a command? For instance, when you [...]

Nov 02,2016 | Simon


Simple Steps to Create Plain Text in TextEdit

TextEdit is a word processor and text editor that comes with all Mac computers. Once launched, its dialog box will ask if you want to open a document or create a new one. Compatible with many [...]

Oct 26,2016 | Simon


How to Batch Rename Files Using Automator

It is a good habit to tidy up your stuffs at regular intervals. In daily activities, we may need to rearrange many files and photos stored in the computer. Here is one of the common questions new [...]

Oct 19,2016 | Simon


Transfer Time Machine Backups to Another Hard Drive

Many Mac users may use the built-in Time Machine to backup all their data to an external drive. Once enabled, Time Machine will create incremental backups of files which users can use to restore [...]

Oct 10,2016 | Simon

disk utility: create and delete a partition on mac

Disk Utility: Easily Create & Erase Partitions on Your Mac

In this post we are going to demonstrate the detailed process of creating and deleting  a partition on Mac OS X. There are some situations in which users need to create more than one partition on [...]

Sep 29,2016 | Simon


How to remove Adobe Flash Player and other Adobe products on Mac

When uninstall Adobe Flash Player or other Adobe products under Mac OS X, it’s very easy for the people to encounter this or that of kind of problem, such as program cannot be removed for [...]

Sep 20,2016 | Admin

Mac shortcuts

7 Useful Mac shortcuts you need to know

When using a Mac computer, it is inevitable to switch between the mouse and keyboard, if you can reduce the use of mouse and simply focus on the keyboard, you will be able to speed up your [...]

Sep 14,2016 | Admin