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Apple Park Will Open to Employees in April

Apple Park Will Open to Employees in April

Guess what the name for Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino? On Wednsday the company annouced in a statement that their new 175-acre compus, dubbed Apple Park, will open in April. The [...]

Feb 23,2017 | Simon


How to Markup Your Images Using Photos App (macOS Sierra)

The latest macOS Sierra introduced many spectacular features like Siri, Apple Pay, Picture-in-Picture, Auto-Unlock and more. Yet, many Mac users may overlook a handy feature called Markup that is [...]

Feb 16,2017 | Simon


iOS 11 Might No Longer Support 32-Bit Apps

Apple’s App Store has millions of apps , and now as the iOS 10.3 beta hints, some changes introduced into iOS 11 are likely to end support for non-64-bit apps. Additionally, in-app ratings and [...]

Feb 07,2017 | Simon

Preference Panes on Mac

How to Manually Remove Preference Panes on Mac OS X

For a Mac computer, many of the computer’s settings and preferences can be accessed from System Preferences, and those installed applications also have their own specific preferences which [...]

Jan 16,2017 | Admin

watchOS 3.1.1 update

Apple disable watchOS 3.1.1 update due to user complaints

At the beginning of December, Apple released the watchOS 3.1.1 update which used to enhance the Apple Watch performance, but later, the Apple decided to withdraw this update and it is no longer [...]

Dec 29,2016 | Admin

Facebook Live Audio

Facebook Live Audio Starts Testing Now

In this Monday Facebook started to test a new feature called Facebook Live Audio, which allow the people to listen to a Live Audio stream with this app, and it will be released in the future and [...]

Dec 21,2016 | Admin

Adobe Photoshop and MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Adobe Photoshop Now Can Be Used with MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Want to enjoy more powerful photo editing features of Adobe Photoshop like changing your brush size and customizing favorites easily and quickly? As long as you own the Apple’s latest [...]

Dec 15,2016 | Admin

Warnings on Mac

Steps to Disable “Are You Sure You Want to Open This File?” Warnings on macOS

As the most popular operating system among the computer, macOS provides a series of humane care and protection for the computer and user’s safety, and among which monitoring the items being [...]

Dec 09,2016 | Admin

Download Apps via Using Siri

How to Download Apps via Using Siri

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator on Apple’s devices like OS X, macOS, and watchOS, through which people can easily access to a specific application and [...]

Nov 30,2016 | Admin


Apple Removed Nearly 50K iOS Apps in October

“Apple Removed Nearly 50K iOS Apps in October” In September Apple informed the developer community that a cleanup is conducted to evaluate the existing apps on iOS App Store and [...]

Nov 16,2016 | Simon