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Microsoft Says Office for Mac is Coming Soon with Big Updates


Microsoft has released an Insider Fast version of its Office 2016 for Mac to Insider beta testers, and has announced big updates in Office 2016 for Mac with a slew of new features will be available in the coming weeks.

In the previous version, Microsoft provides consumers with the preview of major updates for the “next major version” of Office for Mac. Let’s take a look on the new Office for Mac that coming soon.

Major Updates in Office for Mac

The latest version of Office for Mac contains some much-needed features and bug fixes for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Just as the expected, most of users would like be influenced the use of Office 365 subscription. The new added features include AutoSave for Word, which it will save the document to OneDrive and SharePoint; while Office 365 will benefit a lot, too. The function is similar to other auto-save products like Google Docs, and can be deactivated in program settings.

New for Word

Also new for Word is real-time collaboration and sharing. Office 365 subscribers can co-author OneDrive and SharePoint files with other users, while new options streamline the process of sharing OneDrive for Business and SharePoint files with colleagues. What’s more, Microsoft is working at adding a series of new chart types for embedding in Word documents, including Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto, Box & Whisker, Treemap and Sunburst, aiming at enable quick visualization of common financial, statistical and hierarchical data.

New for Excel

Excel will get similar collaboration function with Word, which means users could simultaneously edit the workbook saved in OneDrive and the SharePoint. Also, Excel
will own new chart types as same as Word does.

Specific to Excel are new IFS and SWITCH functions, which simplify and shorten spreadsheet formulas. The Insider Fast build includes better support for charts with PivotTable data sources, as well as Table Slicers for quick filtering.

PowerPoint Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Outlook

In addition, a series of upgrades will be introduced to PowerPoint at the same time, including real-time collaboration, document change and revision tracking, auto-save and more.

Microsoft is bringing its Mac iteration in line with Widows with updated Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), though not all object models are supported at this time.

Moving on to Outlook, the email management tool receives a modest update with emoji support when composing messages.

More updates in coming soon, get ready to new Office 2016 for Mac?


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