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Latest Leak Suggests Apple Will Announce ‘iPhone 8’, ‘iPhone 8 Plus’, and ‘iPhone X’ Instead of 7s and Plus


New iPhone is going to be launched just around the corner, we have written more stories about new iPhone’s rumors, especially iPhone 8, as the special gift to Apple’s tenth anniversary. Last night, the iOS 11 GM was leaked numerous iPhone 8 features, including a look at a new edition of the Apple Watch, and even new “Animoji.” Now, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has dug up new info related to the official names of the iPhones being announced on Tuesday.

In his twitter, he mentioned very clearly that the three smart phones that Apple is going to launch are named of ‘iPhone 8’, ‘iPhone 8 Plus’, and ‘iPhone X’, this news is kind of official confirm about the coming iPhone from Apple. In all sorts of gossips and rumors from media, people seen all believed that iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and tenth anniversary product iPhone 8 (also called iPhone Edition) are coming soon by Apple, but now Apple itself prepare a big surprise to all fans.

Steve Troughton-Smith

According to Steve, the developer, Apple will call the smartphones the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (for the two LCD devices), and iPhone X (for the OLED model). These names will replace the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 monikers that have been attached to each respective model over the past few months.

That is to say, the rumored iPhone 7s/7s Plus for a long time in people’s consciousness now had been removed from Apple, the truth is that, iPhone 8 is in fact carries the traditional version of the LCD display this time, while iPhone X carries OLED with edge-to-edge display.

“X” stands with Roman numeral 10, which represents the iPhone’s tenth anniversary born to public since 2007, Steve Jobs announced iPhone Original publish in that year, moreover, it is extremely cool for iPhone.

In a separate Tweet, Troughton-Smith also pointed out that this is still not an exact confirmation, but it is the closest from official name for the upcoming iPhones.

“Maaaybe the DeviceTree is lying about the marketing name, maybe not,” he said. “But right now, D22 thinks it is iPhone X, so that’s good enough for me.”

Why Apple takes the names of iPhone 7s/8 as usual, the CNET、TheVerge had made analysis before to show that will greatly hurt users’ enthusiasm for buying 7s/7s Plus, obviously, Apple apparently don’t want to drop sales and revenue because of the names’ mistakes, therefore, iPhone is so important to them.


And, we’ll all see what’s coming tomorrow.


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