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The Leaker OnLeaks Has Obtained Detailed iPhone 8 Model

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Another leak legend is back. After the information about the Galaxy Note 8’s sky high price from famed leaker Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), Steve Hemmerstoffer (other leaker of @onleaks) has joined in with good and bad things about the iPhone 8’s brand new design…

As time goes on, the long-awaited launch of the iPhone 8 of Apple is getting closer and closer, Apple will officially launch the new generation of iPhone in September –iPhone 8 and 7S altogether according to the conventions of the past few years. Moreover, more and more leaked pictures of iPhone 8 have been showed up in network, people seem to be much closer to the real model of iPhone 8. Nowadays, the famed leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer who is belonged to OneLeaks had said in Twitter, that detailed iPhone 8 model he got.

new iphone 8 rumors

Detailed iPhone 8 Model

In the picture he showed on Twitter, it is nearly the same situation with the former rumors of iPhone 8. The models show that yes, the iPhone 8 will indeed change shape as it adopts an elongated 18.5:9 aspect ratio like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. It will also reduce bezel sizes to just 4mm on all sides and it will feature a new, vertically aligned rear camera.

Except the sizeable play screen, in other terms of appearance, the most obvious change is that it starts to use a vertical double – shot layout for the camera, while the former iPhones have obtained the single horizontal lateral camera. We also see that the rear cameras on the iPhone 8 will protrude more than ever before. As such if you enjoy using your iPhone on a flat surface, well this is going to be a wibbly wobbly nightmare. Besides, the power button is becoming slightly longer than before ever.


About the color, it will only provide one color that is black iPhone for users or just like the picture according to the reliable resource.

The Leaker OnLeaks Has Obtained Detailed iPhone 8 Model

Besides, the iPhone specification is being leaked, from the picture it seems the façade stays the same as Steve saying.
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As the matter of fact, the biggest suspense is whether Apple will identify the options for fingerprint identification or others is still unknown, at least you can’t guess it from the pics.
One thing already looks certain: the iPhone 8 is going to look and feel like no iPhone, both for better and worse… anyway, do you like this iPhone 8 and will you buy it?


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